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 Meet Andrew and Sara

"Roy at Krantzform helped me and my husband design the renovation plan for our eat-in kitchen in our home, which is the first floor in an 1890s house. We had worked with an architect to look at our whole space but had decided against moving interior walls or changing exterior walls. We have an unusual and long, skinny kitchen space. Roy brought all his talent and experience to the table and worked with us to find a configuration that made all the space useful. That was no easy feat! My husband and I (kindly) disagree all the time, and Roy was patient and objective with us, and stuck with us until we were happy.


"He has deep product knowledge of kitchen stuff, especially Ikea cabinets, and if he is not familiar with an appliance or door you saw somewhere, he will research it until he does know, and make a recommendation.


"Roy was always quick to respond to emails, calls, texts. And, in general, he is a pleasure to work with. Because we had Roy working with us, I feel confident we got superior appliances from a wonderful local merchant, and I won't have to be dealing with that garbage disposal for at least 20 years.


"We are very happy with the end result!! Thank you, Roy!"


                                                                        – Deb, Jamaica Plain, Mass.


"Roy Krantz is a pleasure to work with. He is a spirited designer with great ideas that helped us maximize the utility or our small space.

"He knows good local tradesmen and the best deals on appliances, tile, bath fixtures, etc. The combo of these things helped manage a tightening budget and ensure we got a great outcome."

                                                                     – Greg, South End Boston, Mass.


"We did a major renovation and addition and needed someone to help coordinate with the architect and builder. But more importantly we needed guidance on how to make the space ours.


"I hired Krantzform and was not disappointed! Roy kept our project on track and was easily accessible. He truly understood our vision and spent time asking a ton of question about likes and dislikes. This allowed him to narrow down our options for everything from closet lighting to faucets to windows that opened/didn't open to vanities to appliances.


"We could not have been more pleased with the end result. We have a super-modern space that is used to its greatest potential."


                                                                          – Sara, Mansfield, Mass.


"Roy Krantz just undertook and saw to completion a small but complicated job with a lot of niggling little parts. He is a pleasure to work with, immediately responsive and understanding and full of excellent economical ideas.


"Roy presented me with imaginative options, and then worked tirelessly to see that every contingency was covered. The contractor he suggested was thorough and professional, complying with strict condominium association rules.


"The job started and finished on time, and Roy stuck around to make suggestions and help out, and to give me further advice about other issues. One of the best experiences was trotting after Roy through the maze of Ikea; he is completely knowledgeable about their products and knows all the shortcuts through the vast showroom.


"I love the work he did for me, and I had fun being with him too."


                                                                       – Judith, South End Boston, Mass.


"Between buying a house and completing a renovation, there are a million steps and decisions in-between that require good judgment, an aesthetic eye, and practical knowledge of construction.


"With Krantzform, this becomes a collaborative process, and the end result is that you have made a series of decisions with your own lifestyle, preferences, and budget in mind. I would recommend krantzform to anyone thinking about a renovation project."


                                                                          – Soo, Jamaica Plain, Mass.


"Working with Roy is like working with your best friend. He is not only knowledgeable about remodeling, but he truly cares that the end result will make you happy. He asks the right questions in order to make the end product the best it can be and will suit your needs and lifestyle. If you need someone who has the patience of a saint and someone who will go that extra mile for you, he is the right choice.


"After living in my remodeled home for four years, I still walk in at the end of the day and can't believe it is this beautiful. I could never have done it without him. I thank him every time i see him!"

                                                                          – Susan, Stoughton, Mass.


"I met Krantzform when they were renovating a condo I ended up buying. I was so lucky. They changed several things to fit my likes and made the unit more affordable for me. I liked their listening skills, collaborative approach, and attention to detail. I highly recommend Krantzform if you're thinking of renovating your home.‎

                                                                          – Jeff, Jamaica Plain, Mass.


"We hired Roy to manage our renovation project, and from the very beginning he was great.


He was always available to go with us to visit suppliers and showrooms, and answered all our questions and concerns. He came up with a lot of great ideas, including a moving kitchen island which was very practical and inexpensive to execute.


"Thanks to his familiarity and expertise with kitchen design, we ended up saving over $11,000 on the kitchen alone. Roy did a wonderful job and we're glad we found him. He's the best!"


                                                                 – Andrew & Kati, Jamaica Plain, Mass.


"Krantzform provided two invaluable services, each crucial for needs I was unaware existed! First, Roy brought a vision to patiently allow me to see what a space might become. I came to a place with preconceived notions based upon first impressions; he expanded my perceptions such that they were mine but somehow more so.


"And second, Roy stayed within himself and restrained me as I began to think he could do anything! He was unafraid to point out to me things not workable, frankly saving me time, irritation, and vast sums of money."

                                                                          – Barry, West Roxbury, Mass.


"Roy conceived of and designed my condo from the ground up, literally. He turned a dirt floor basement into a gorgeous 850 Sq, ft. condo flooded with natural light and opening up onto a beautiful stone double-terrace and garden.


"He was fun to collaborate with, was quick to understand my needs and expectations, and translated them into workable and attractive solutions. I tend to have strong ideas about what I like and what I want, and I was able to completely trust Roy to make it happen, without my having to be overly involved or directive.


"Roy is a quick and creative problem solver, ready to make adjustments yet also able to manage production under a budget and time line. Last but not least, he is always a pleasure to spend time with, is deeply principled, and has a huge heart."


                                                                         – Catlin, Jamaica Plain, Mass.






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Renovation Services

We offer a wide range of services to people wanting to change their physical space. Here are a few suggested ways we can help.

1/ krantzform renovation services... for ideas and cost estimating and/or overseeing the entire project.

2/ Need some help choosing appliances? Or deciding on a kitchen cabinet style? How about countertops?

3/ We'll help you find the right contractor... and an architect too if you need one.

4/ Invite us along when looking to buy a new house. We bring vision and imagination to help you recognize the potential of the house choices you've been looking at.


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